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Digital Marketing is the most popular Marketing policy in the modern era for Business. Now every business wants to grow there business with digital marketing, and some of the business owners know about digital marketing. But some of the Business owner/ Digital Marketer wants best free digital marketing tools for there to begin. If you get paid service free so why you don’t use it. So today we talk about free best digital marketing tools 2019.

  1. Canva: If you want to create Visual content free, then you can use Canva. Canva is one of the free useful visual content creators. If you a Digital marketer and you want to update regular visual content or blog post or anything. It does not provide template its also provide you free image for their image library. You can use not even social media imagery but also make the presentation, Boucher, Invoice, Email header, Newsletter, and many more. You can use this tool; it’s free, but all items of these tools are not free. But free tools are useful enough for a small business.


  1. Hello Bar: One of the most useful free tools we see ever. Hello Bar is Email collecting tools its helps receive email from your subscriber, or you can also make the page, sidebar or offer to received email for your targeted audience. It’s not also free tools but also smart design. You can create a custom design with the paid version. Without the paid version, it’s also suitable for a new website or company.


  1. Subscriber: Think if you launch a new product and your customer is notified instantly without the use of any social media or anything else. Sound interesting? Yes, Subscriber is a push notification platform. It is also some useful free feature, and it’s pretty good for any kinds of websites. If you use WordPress then you can use widget if you are not using WordPress then you can input HTML code in your header. It’s pretty easy to install when people came to your website. Subscriber tools show a notification bar to allow notification for an update. If customer or audience agree to get notified when you can send push notification for every product you launched. Push notification is the most exciting and profitable feature in this era.


  1. Traackr (Influencer market place): Brand is the most valuable factor in an online platform, so you need to make a brand. And if you make a brand, then you have to promote your product with Influencer or a public figure. Traackr is an influencer market place they help you to get perfect influencer for your business. Traackr finds a significant influencer for your product, and they managed those public figures. So, you have no tension for branding or negotiate with influencer Traackr do your job in quickly. And you can choose your budget so the first contact with this team and negotiate.


  1. Feedly (content curation tool): Sometimes, you don’t understand what type of content is most appropriate for your audience. Are they not getting interacting with your content? You need to know the public choose if you provide top trending elements of your audience then you make a great result. So Feedly is a content curation tools its grave all relevant news you want to know. You remember that when Feedly show something in their dashboard, it’s trending. Feedly has free and paid both versions its great way to curation content. It can make a great idea about your targeted content. So don’t be late to produce great content with Feedly.


  1. Lumen5 ( Make Content visual ): Video is the king of this Digital media. Research shows 75% of people are mostly interact with video content. So, Why you don’t create a video? You don’t know to make a video. No, Problem Lumen5 make content visual. It has a free and paid version and its easy to use. If you have a blog, you can add this blog URL Lumen5 make a video with the website article. Or you can put custom content to make the video. Mainly Lumen5 uses artificial intelligence to make the video. So, it’s easy to make, and you can edit this video so quickly.



  1. Buzzsumo: Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor and find the key influencers to promote your content Buzzsumo mainly do those think. Its have paid and free version both. But the paid version is to good for making great content and also find heavyweight influencer for your niche. Buzzsumo also gives a great idea of creating great content with the viral content idea. Its primary use for want to know public choose about a specific keyword. Then you can make an idea and made great content about this topic.



  1. Ubersuggest: We know about Ashraf tools it’s paid, and it can give us a lot of information about our competitors or many more. But think if you get this service free, Is it surprising? Yes, it is. Then go Ubersggest its free tools you can use it just like Ashraf. You can get free keyword suggestions, Competitor backlink information, Keyword difficulty, and also the top page in your industry its full free service. If you’re new in Digital marketing sector and you don’t want to pay something now, you can go Ubersuggest and get a free service like pro service.


  1. Moz: Who don’t know about Moz in this era its great SEO tools for free and paid version also. But Moz provides open chrome extension “Moz Bar.” Its give you free PA (Page Authority ) & DA (Domain Authority) information for every page. You know meta, Meta keyword, Canonical information and many more for use these tools.


  1. Serprobot: Every marketer wants to know about there page position on google. And which of her page in top position which page can be to rank on google. But how to see this information free. SERP robot as a free ranking checker you can use to find your websites search ranking position in real time for FREE. It’s also have paid version, so it’s your choice free of paid which one you use.

These top ten tools are not also free but also it’s most popular and effective in this era.  You can get an excellent result to use these tools.

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