We know about SEO.  International SEO is mainly working for foreign countries visitors. This is really a great opportunity to expand your business all over the world. Many people want to know how can they do International SEO? Firstly, you have to know why you will do international SEO for your website? Who is your customer? Today I am talking a little bit about it. Let’s know.

Because most of the reader is not your targeted customer. If you want to show your web content in India, German, Brazil, Spain and also other countries. Then your cost will increase a lot. So are you sure about your desertion?  then carry on and let’s move to the next step.

Most of the people in this world are not used to the English language as they have their own language. So, if you want to show your content in Spain then you should write content in Spanish. And I also suggest you don’t use your main domain in the other language content. Example: is the main domain you shouldn’t use I recommend you to use the subdomain in this issue just like it also helps to grow your ranking.

And you also have to take some technical steps to ensure google what you want to show your customer/audience. Google understands Hrafang tag. It’s basically head tag. When your website content is in English then your hraflang tag will mention your website is in English. in the same method, you also have to use this tag in your Spanish language webpage. Then Google will show your content in especially that sub-continent they speak Spanish.

When anyone will search in Google in related your content and it is also Spanish, As, google know you have a special page in the Spanish language through Hrafang tag. So, it’s a useful tag. Don’t forget to use it.

And don’t use automotive language changer, it’s really bad for your blog/business. Because automation may not correct every time. it will really create a bad impact on your business. So, hire that writer, who writes in a different language and give them your desired direction. If any problem to find writer then goes to some freelancing website just like Up work,, Fiver etc. And make some Facebook advertisement for your basic test. It improves your strategy to make content.

Before starting the international SEO you have to follow some vital topics. A deep research into international marketplaces related to your niche is the first things.  Analysis of the current international market, organic traffic, and the CTR and conversion rate is the most notable topic. You must have to know about the amount of organic international search. The google analytics is able to give you the proper idea. It is under the Audience section of geo reports.

Keyword research is another important part of international search engine optimization. By researching keyword you may get a clear idea about the search volume, competition, and country wise ranking.

If you noticed that the organic search volume is low, then you should have tried to target the specific countries language. Because most of the people are used to their own language. So if you target the specific language for international SEO. It will be working better.

Moral of this article is must use a subdomain, hire a writer for a different language, add regional Facebook advertisement for testing, use harfang tag, but try to use the same design. For expressing your services to all it is vital to do International search engine optimization.  It is a recent best tactic for growing your business. Try to use this valuable tactic for your recognition.

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