Voice Search SEO in 2023 – How to Optimize Your websites.

Voice Search

In the digital marketing world, the new invention and iteration being made continuously.  It’s so natural. Such a crucial invention is voice search. Which is increasing since 2013. Are you thinking that voice search is not so much important at present? It might be a wrong thinking. Because day bay the voice searcher’s is increasing than your expectation. Recently, voice searches from mobile are 20%. Probably, 50% of mobile searches will be voice search within 2020. It is not so far at all. As a talented online business owner, you must have try to right use of this marketing terms. Firstly, you have to know what is voice search? Let me know you the definition of voice search and the importance of it.

Voice Search

When a person searches anything by speaking to Google and get an instant and more relevant answer by Google is called voice search. People are so much busier and smarter than before. Google smart device now can understand and translate accurately human language within a second. That’s why this upcoming popular technology is increasing. People might not like always searches from their desktop. A large number of people are searching for their needs from a mobile phone. So, can you imagine the importance of it? If you can guess and don’t want to lose traffic on your website. Just start to optimize your website for voice search. Voice search has also some techniques to rank for voice search. These techniques are a little bit different or upgrade from normal search engine optimization.

Today I am sharing with you some effective techniques of voice search. If you can optimize your site according to these rules. I hope you will get a large number of targeted audience from voice search.

Specific moment target

Your audience is not always search anything to buy the service or products. But often they are looking for something they are actually want to buy. You just have to grab those specific moments. It is hard to grab those moments. Don’t worry. It is not impossible. You may use wordstream.com for keyword research. It provides you with a long list of keywords on your niche form lower to higher search volume.  Then you research and select those specific keywords which you seem good and targeting.

The speed of the website

It is naturally important for any kinds of website. For voice search, it is really undeniable. Actually, you will rank better if your website speed as well. You have to check your site with Google speed test. For a normal site, it is better 4 sec. But for voice search, it needs to speedier so that you can get the value to Google than your competitors. It should be maximum 3 sec.  Moreover, a slow speed website can be the reason for boring to the customer. A better loading speed helps to increase the bounce rate.

Long tail keywords

The long tail keyword is the most necessary element help you to rank for voice search. It is said from research that voice searcher’s use long tail keywords maximum times. Especially they would like to search more by speaking because it’s so much easier than typing. Mobile users most like to do it. Sometimes they might be busy with work and can’t use hands for typing. At that time, they can easily speak and search. It is noteworthy that they would like voice search with a long keyword. For example, anybody might search any product like “where can I find a chocolate cake near to me?”  they rarely search by” chocolate cake” That’s why you have to target long tail keywords as much as possible. And these keywords should be placed in the title, meta description and internal in content. Although these keywords may be less common but still works better for voice search.

Local SEO

Other terms are to look at your local SEO and care of it. Because a huge number of voice search results show for local business. So you have to optimize your site for local search. The local customer can be grabbed for voice searching if it is optimized for local Search engine optimization. Approximately 58% of people are looking for local business by voice search. The number of the real customer is also from local search. So it really needs to optimize. For knowing more about local SEO you can read this.

Mobile responsive website

Every website should be appropriately optimized for mobile users. As you know the number of voice searcher’s from a mobile phone. But it has a special impact on voice searching.  Without a mobile responsive website, you are always back from ranking any voice search. If your site can’t perform well in mobile, then 40% customer can turn to your competitor’s site. And a large number of people, about 23% cursed their mobile. So you have to check your website by Google mobile-friendly test.

Realize searchers intention

Searcher intention is most important things for any kinds of search. As understanding, the voice search is a little bit difficult. You have to try to understand customer’s intent deeply. The customer avatar can help you to know about the customer gender, age, location. From this, you can understand the intent. For example, among what, how, when and where you have to realize what question phrases will be more buying intent? For using more question phrases you can visit answer the public question. There you can find a lot of question-related with your niche. Question phrases are not less important at all. So use question phrase according to your targeted customer intention.

Content Marketing

We obviously know the tenor of content. If you want to optimize your site for voice search you can make a funnel by creating content. If you can add all types of content according to your needs. Then voice searchers can attract gradually when they find all of their needs together. SO try to improve your existing content and add more for voice searches.

Besides, the https has a great impact on voice searches. 65 % of the website can rank first for https. AN authoritative domain also helps you to rank for voice search. As it is not possible in a single day. Then we can make our content enrich, proper backlink and give a better design than our competitors.

Final Words

Voice search technology is now early age. You are really lucky that you have already know about it. Then it’s the time to implement it on your website.  So take the opportunity. I hope it will give you a better result in the future. If any question, suggestion, or anything, let me know on the comment.

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