About the company

You are warmly welcome to Marketitor. It is an experienced, passionate and credible digital marketing agency.

We are able to provide you all kinds of online marketing service like SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC management, E-commerce website development, Content writing, Email marketing and many more. But we are specially expert on SEO and SMM. Our team is always manipulated the latest strategy in all marketing sectors. We are working with fidelity about 5 years. Most of the project we have already done with outside country USA and UK. But we are also working with huge local company. Our team is ready to collaborate for developing your business in present competitive online marketing world. Every business owner has to conscious about online presence. We will create your online identification and makes it strong by the tremendous strategy of our team members.

So are you searching an optimal and affordable digital marketing service? Certainly we can say you are visiting the right place. We will believe in ourselves that we will implement your business with our creative strategy. The target of marketitor would like to demonstrate you as an eligible company to your customer. We believe you can use your intelligence to choose what is right for you. We hope will favorable to touch your goal.

History of our team

We were started to think at the startup level of digital marketing in Bangladesh. When people can’t realize about the importance of their online presence. For this reason, we start our journey in online. We are studying a lots and we are rise up consistently. Firstly, we started our working with search engine optimization but next time we include search engine management, pay per click, email marketing, content marketing and also social media marketing. We have already completed a huge number of clients on every sector we are including here. Our team members are specialist on different sectors. We are ready to take any kinds of challenging task from you. We are researching a lots of international online marketplace till now. And our research is always continuous. Now all of our clients are happy to work with us. Every of our team member’s exposures their expertise on several sectors of marketing. And we can say from our own perspectives SEO is a vital segment of your online identification. We believe that it will slowly but surely works for your website. Our gut feelings can say easily we can do apply our best strategy for promoting your business to the right place and fulfill your expectation. 

Our goal

Our goal is to reach the top level of digital marketplace. We want that people will search us from thousand websites for our professionalism and our lovely services. When people will search us as a unique name “Marketitor”. We are focusing only on your success. Overall we believe in our special team members who are able to brainstorm for your improvement. We would like to complete every task of our clients with meticulously research. We want to touch your heart by our hardworking, honesty and credibility so that you will find us again and again.

Our vision

Everybody has its own vision. We want to survive strongly in marketplace and want. We have a technical and creative team which can make a significant change in your digital presence. Clients satisfaction is our main target. We are always conscious about our client’s requirements. We will perceive your problem and apply our great strategy for reaching your destination. We are ready to give you a such a service so that you may surpass your competitor easily. We are optimistic to elevate your company. Our recent tactics will help you to go ahead with the others. Our team members are applying their strategies for drive traffic or customer in your website. We will brainstorm for spreading your business to the target people.

Suggestion for our clients

There is more than thousands of digital marketing agency in online world. Nowadays most of the folk would like to get their needed service or products in online. Because they spent their maximum time in online and they want to get an easy life. They are searching online for their every daily needed things. You have to reach them and obey them to buy products from your company. If you are an owner of a business you must have to use of this advantage. So you have to create a strong place in online. SEO ranking can prefer you in the search engine result front page. As a result, most of the people can easily find the service or products which you will offer them.

Every business owner should have to choose the faceted services related agency which can promote your service and spread your brand to all. A perfect agency is able to reach your target. But If you will fail to choose the right one than it may be hampered your business plan and waste of your money. Many business man can’t choose a perfect agency and they will have disappointed about online attendance. But we believe that you have enough knowledge to select a correct association which are really eligible for your success.

So are you tensed about choosing a right company? No fear, we are here. You need to meet with www.marketitor.com.   We will provide you a unique service according to your requirements. We will research perfect aggressive and relevant keyword research for your site, by which keyword people are generally search for. We also research your competitor with our great tactics. We will work for increasing the quality and quantity of targeted traffic in your website. We are ready to work with you. You just have to let us know what kinds of services you need for your site? Feel free to contact us.