21 Stunning Traffic Increasing Hacks is guaranteed in 2023

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Maybe we are tired to see the consistent change of the Google algorithm. Ranking in social media and other platforms are difficult now. Only some test and experience is not enough to be a success. Even huge business owner can’t get a proper result, after spending a lot of money. It is a little bit difficult for over competition. In this competitive sector, you have to generate ultra-creative ideas for your business. Today I am going to share with you the 21 most effective digital marketing hacks. Which will be cheaper and easier for you. All of this method I am sharing from my own experience.


1) Video Marketing

Facebook and YouTube video marketing is so much fruitful to grab more traffic and turn them to the customer. I realize from a test that some ad campaign for videos can give you the best feedback. It works better for both B2B and B2C marketing. You can spend an amount on it. You can make videos for each specific services of your online business. Busier people would like to know anything within a more possible shortest time. Sometimes, they may haven’t enough time to read text content. But, keep it mid before making videos, that the video must have to be less than 5 minutes in length.

2) Opposite opportunity

Remarketing is a popular method but it is failure maximum time. This is such a process where the customer can’t back to the opposite page. They would like to convert the previous place. So, if you want to succeed in the Remarketing method you have to give you an opportunity, so that customer can back page. Try to make your landing page with the mixture of logic and emotion. It works better. Maybe they won’t buy anything from them the first time but they will be interested to buy next time.

3) 2 Step Marketing Approach

E-commerce or B2B lead generation, 2 step approach works better. Email marketing, you can create 2 step landing page design. So that they can fill up their name and email in the first step and filled up their other information in the next step. Besides, you can send your mail to the people who are registration fully and who only submit their name and email. By this way, you can react to more people who are interested to get your services. This two-step method is proven to get a better result.

4) Link Add in Sidebar

It gives a great value to add sidebar links in every blog page of your site. Many website owners are avoiding it or don’t much enough value. But it works better. Sidebar link is passing juice from one page to other pages. You must add a sidebar link to rank easier.

5) Long tail keywords Use

If you are already ranking for any keyword, then you can get a free best suggestion from Ubersuggest. Just put your main keyword in its search box, it will show you all possible best long tail keywords. You have to find out the appropriate keywords. But in the meantime of applying these hacks, remember some important point. Never make a keyword stuffing. Moreover, you have to use, these long tail keywords in your content naturally. All of the keywords should be relevant. This process is tested and rank will increase within 30 to 60 days.

6) Email with Pushdown notification and Chatbot

We are already known about the most popular email marketing. If you can add your pushdown and Chatbot subscriber in your email marketing campaign. It will help you gain double traffic. So, you have to add a chatbot system on your website for subscribing newsletter. Whenever you will start a campaign, add those subscribers who are from chatbots and push down notification.

7) Brand Value

Branding will help you much to rank. You can the PR stand of how many people are searched for your services to write your brand name in Google. For checking it, use Google trends with your brand name. It takes up to 3 months to see the result. YouTube

8) YouTube Video publishing

It is remarkably efficient in presenting your business to others. For this reason, each business should have own YouTube channel to reach people and offer them all of your services. But this method is a little bit difficult. If you want to get ranked by any video, then you have to get a better customer acceptance within 24 hours. You can also make push notification in your site. This notification shows to your customer after uploading each video.

9) Facebook Comments

Facebook loves the comment in a post or videos than like and share any post. So, if you want to publish a video on the Facebook page and want to get more traffic, the comment is the best way. A Facebook algorithm like comment. As much as you get a comment as much as your view, reach and engagement will increase. To increase double traffic, add some question to your viewers and ask them to give an answer. It can be applied for both videos and text content. But in the video, it works better. It doesn’t matter how little or easier the comment. It still works well.

10) Blog Title

Maximum traffic is coming from the blog post. The title is the most important part of the blog content. The viewer will have interested to see an eye-catching title. In this process, you will get traffic and click rate also. Try to add the most recent year in your title and use some action word. So that people think that this content is updated. With the updating of the title, you have to change something in your blog content body. Otherwise, Google can give you bounce back. Which is so much harm and maybe your ranking will down. So, be careful about applying this.

11) Avoid Adding the date in the URL

A large number of website owner thinks that using dates in URL is better for easily Google crawl. But it is not right at all. If you have already done this, you have to remove dates from all of the URL. It will increase your traffic by 50 % within 30 days. You must have to 301 redirect the removed URL.

12) Link Intersects

It is a feature of ahrefs. In this feature, you may find out the top competitors of your niche. Then follow that were from the are already taken links. You also have a great chance to get links from those sites and gain more traffic.

13) Using Subdomain

People love more subdomain than a subdirectory. For example, your website is www.marketitor.com. You have already created a blog section for this site which is www.marketitor.com/blog. It’s good. But if you can make a subdomain for blog section, this will be more attractive to people.

14) Podcast with the popup

You can make a podcast to reach more traffic in mobile site and use it with an exit popup. Try to show this on Android and iPhone and ask them to subscribe. Keep in mind, sometimes this type of attempt will be the reason for boring to people. So, set at least 30 seconds before showing this message.

15) LinkedIn Videos:

LinkedIn loves the video. You can use videos in LinkedIn marketing. It is more effective than text content. Moreover, you have to consciously and find out which types of content is a lake in which platforms? Then you should create those types of content. It is a unique and effective way to grab traffic.

16) Free Courses and E-books Offering

You may give some free offer to your targeted audience. It is notable for increasing traffic and click rates. People will naturally have interested to get any free course offer or E-book. It is an easier method of traffic gain.

17) Buying Sites

Sometimes you are deciding to spend money for some terms ranking. In that case, you can buy a website with enough traffic. It is cheaper than buying ranking terms cost.

18) Quiz system for lead generation

Most of the website owner is using a form fill up a system for lead generation. But, if you can do it with a quiz system, you will be able to grab more traffic. It is a new, unique and easy method. If you don’t know properly about, you can use a tool which name is “Lead Quizzes”.

19) Needed Tools

You may provide customer needed extra services on your website. For example, if you are an owner of a digital marketing agency and you want to get more traffic then you can add efficient tools for your customer. To get this awesome opportunity, more people will be interesting to visits your site. At the same process, you can give special some services related to your business.

20) The Paid market of info content and share

Firstly, you can make a paid campaign for informative content help to get traffic. Then Remarketing and reach to your customer for sales will be easy. As well as, you have to share your blog content on several platforms again and again.

21) Facebook Add

Many of us are using Facebook advertisement for gaining more targeted traffic. If you want to get a better result from Facebook ads, try to follow our secret tips. Firstly, Go to your competitor’s fan page. You will find an on the left side. Click on the info and ads and see what types of ad campaign are running on your competitors Facebook ad. Then you should start these types of advertisement. It works better.

Final Words

Ranking on a search engine is a consistent process. The main target is to reach the real customer and increase sales. That’s why you have to grab more traffic and try to turn them into a customer. There a lot of marketing terms to increase targeted traffic. I am trying to share with you this process from which I am still getting a better result. You may apply to your website. Hope, these hacks will change your business and help to reach your goal.

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