Effective SEO Strategy For New Business Ranking In first position

SEO Guideline

There are about 2 million posts are publishing only from WordPress each day. It is so much tough to survive online. But you have to strongly stand out with your competitors. For this reason, you must have to follow some effective Seo strategy. Do you want to know what are these? Let’s today discuss the factor of your ranking in search engine. I hope all of you are already known about SEO, as an online business owner. Basically, it means search engine optimization. A lot of technical things as belonging to it. You have to acquire in-depth knowledge of SEO.

SEO Definition

SEO is the most effective process to rank and retain your online position without paying any cost to Google. It is actually content optimization of your services. It also helps to reach you on the first position of search engine result pages. So that people can find you easily by searches.  It is a combination of design, writing, and link also. We can have optimized anything we want to rank online. It’s more important to follow Google’s updated rules and regulation. That’s called Google algorithm. But Firstly, you have to proper use of your keywords. You have to keep in mind that Search engine optimization is a relation among you, Google and the user.

The working process of searches

Most of the people conduct their first searches on Google. About 75% searches on Google looking for something. If we look at the Google first page we can see the first 10 results is ranking on the first page. But first 5 results are gaining over 67% click. So, can you imagine? that search engine optimization is so much crucial. First of all, we have to know about the working process of searches.

Comparison between Blackhat SEO and White hat SEO

Some online business owner wants a rapid process of ranking in the search engine first result. But it is always risky. Because it has a great possibility to ruined your site any time.  This types of content optimization can bear a great impact only for search engines but it can’t gain any value for the natural user. In this process, you may grow your business rapidly but it is not a good process at all.Black hat SEO is the most harmful for an entrepreneur. It is consistently a spammy and money wasting process. Never you can get the permanent result by doing black hat SEO.CLICK TO TWEET

On the other hand, white hat SEO is an authentic way to rank. This process may take a long time but works permanently. It helps to make a sustainable online business. White hat SEO can easily grab the human audience. It is natural ways and a long-term technique. Moreover, it does not waste money. As an online business owner, I would like to rank my website according to a long and permanent way. It is suggested to all follow the white hat SEO.

Gray hat SEO

Another SEO types are the gray hat. It is the combination of white hat and black hat SEO. Though it is not totally pure technique. Yet it has a great impact often. That’s why huge marketer or online owner are trying to follow gray hat SEO. In spite of having some problem it really works better. Sometimes it can give an excellent feedback. For example, we can say about guest posting. Generally, we want to do the guest post for link building. But do you know? Google said that they don’t like it. Yet we are always trying to do this approach. Because it works. So sometimes SEO terms are works out of rules. But we have to be conscious using this terms.

Importance of on page and off page SEO

These are vital in SEO. The role of both on page and off page optimization is undeniable. On page is depend on your sites internal factors like title, meta, content optimization and perfect keyword selection. Google gives you the opportunity to control on-page directly. You can properly have optimized your page structure and rank for on-page. On the other hand, Off-page optimization depends on some other factors like the social network, user or searchers experience etc. You can’t directly handle it but have the opportunity to improve your off page SEO.

It would be more clear as a real-life example. Imagine You have a beautiful home. If you decorate the internal part of the house and don’t be careful about outside beauty. Then people don’t feel the interest to come to your home. And if you decorate more gorgeously outside of the home and don’t be careful about the internal beauty them what happen?

People will be interesting to come your home but after reaching your home they feel bored because it is not Here, off page SEO can be compared with the outside beauty of home and on-page SEO can be compared with the internal beauty.

So what are thinking about this? I hope you can clearly understand and realize the importance both of on-page and off page Search engine optimization.

On-Page SEO

It’s the first step to start SEO. There are three main things like content, keywords and page architecture. Content is the basement. You cannot express your service properly without content. Google would like to show the more perfect and relevant results to customers. So in this competitive online world, you have to be careful about content. The content structure should have according to google rules. The second things are keyword research and selection. Perfect keyword selection helps you to grow and wrong keyword selection can ruin you. The last thing is the architecture of your content, blog or page. That means you have to optimize the title, image alt text, meta description, URL and internal of content. The right targeted keywords have to use perfectly in all of these parts. So that Google can show you for specific searches. Moreover, you have to care about mobile friendliness, page speed, duplicate content etc.

Off-page SEO

There are huge tactics of doing off page SEO. The more important fact is trusted to Google, links, And social. If you want to be trusted to Google, your domain age is impacting sometimes. But the domain Authority and page authority is working better. How much increase your DA and Pa your website will be more trusted to Google. Therefore, a lot of ways to increase your authority. Link building is the most important factor in it. You have to try to get do follow backlink from the more trustable authoritative site. There are huge effective link building methods. Like the community, blog commenting, audio, guest blogging and many more. The third of page SEO factor is social. You must have to create your social media value. Because a large number of customer comes from social media optimization. SO social share can impact much for off page SEO ranking.


Actually, SEO is a vast sphere. It is always changing with the Google updated algorithm. But some basics things op ranking still remains same as like before. For doing a proper SEO you have to study a lot on it. I hope you can realize that SEO is not a topic of later thinking. If you want to stand out with your competitors it’s high time to start your SEO campaign. Otherwise, you may lose from this online ranking battle. I love to discuss with you more about it in my next article.

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