Top 7 SEO Tools Can change your Website Ranking

SEO tools for ranking

If you want to rank your Website, you must know about this top 7 SEO tools. Because it can outrank your competitors, and you can saw your rank in the top 10. Today I have explained you to 7 best SEO tools that can help your position and get good traffic also.


1. Moz

If you want to check your and your competitors’ website page authority and domain authority than Moz bar is best for that, we all know this thinks. But do we realize Moz is not only PA & DA checker but also can check your competitor rank on keyword there link SERP and many more? Yes, Moz can do this too smoothly they have great web engine to search you and your competitors all website data without any confusion. Moz Link Explorer is one of the most powerful tools I have never seen before. It’s my point of view don’t worry we also discussed this link explorer in our next tools. But Moz have also many sections can outreach your competitor or can help you to get a great result. The example you have an excellent Website with the powerful backlink. You think your backlink is so powerful and most authority, but you see your spam score is more than 4. So how can to learn about your spam score yes you got the right point you can see here and find which link bring your Website spam score. Then you can remove it and reduce your spam score. If I talk more about Moz it will vary long you can go and see there another cool feature.

2. Google Trends:

If you think google trends how it helps me. Yes, I ensure you that its help you lot because it’s a type of google brain. People search in google, but people choose and people time to explore and which think people are most like now — all the information you can see here. If you are a quick learner, then you understand my point if you do not know then I can share more about google trends. Example: If you have a website and you have a lot of keywords to write about it in your blog. Its can help you to rank, but you cant decide which keyword can bring you excellent result. This is the best time to use Google trends. Then you search each keyword in google trend and compare the keyword and see which keyword is best to write for this time. You can is monthly data yearly data and can also see the last five years of data. But google trends also have a problem you can search 5 keywords and compare them in each time. But it’s not a big deal. Use of google trends you can bring good website traffic I confirmed.

3. Ahrefs:

If you find no 1 SEO tools in this industry, then you see it here. I mean its Ahrefs this tool in number one SEO tools at this era. Because you can find every fakes that you want. And you can also find some feature here that you cant imagine before. Yes, you can find here competitor link with details, Which keyword Competitor rank, Your details position with SERP. You can find here your top 10 competitors so easily. You also see the content gap in your Website and add this so easy to use of this Website. I can’t explain its feature in this single paragraph. But if you use Ashraf properly but don’t have to use another tool. But Ashraf is highly paid tools and also have some limitations. For more details about these tools, you can go there Website.

4. Google Page Speed Insights:

 Do you know about page speed is one of the most critical factors for google ranking? Yes, page speed is one of the main factors not only google but also Bing, Baidu, and yahoo. So, don’t take this factor less critical. Now you want to know how Google sees your Website in google eyes. Ans is too easy; Google Page Speed Insights is the ultimate solutions for this. This Google page speed insight is google office page, speed checker. So you can quickly learn about your page speed with these tools and solved your internal problem and get a good result.


You want to rank your Website with your existing keyword. But you don’t know about your keyword behaviour. It’s essential for ranking a website to track your page or keyword that’s you want to rank for. SERP is one of the best free SEO tools for tracking your keyword. It has two versions, paid and free. If you’re going to follow up on their service, then you can first test their behaviour then buy. Its free SEO tools have also exciting and take a good result. You can easily track your Website keyword and its expression. Because if you can’t see your keywords practice, then you can’t rank for a suitable position. It’s needed for ranking factor.

6. Google Search Console:

If you have a website, you have to know about Google search console. If you don’t know you are on the wrong path. Because if you don’t submit your Website hare you Website difficult to rank. Google search console is google search property. If you want to see your Website latest position in google eyes then its needed Website for you. This platform has a lot of option its help you to know about your Website inside and ranking factor. If you have an error in google eye, you can find it hare. And also if your Website has some coding or usability issue, you can see here so quickly. You can also see here the traffic of your Website its help you for Ranking. Google search console has many features if you entered here; you can find many thinks.

7. Yoast SEO:

Are you a WordPress user? And you Website in WordPress platform then Yoast SEO plugin is blessed for you. Mainly Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin its help to get value for google ranking. Its support to input your meta, Meta Keyword, Focus Keyword and main new features also include in Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin help to get a good result for your Website. Its to easy to use and you can set customize social media meta and image also. It’s not only a plugin its also an excellent indicator for your Website. If you never this plugin, please try it out and takes its advantage. Its relay helpful for a good website. And it can bring good website traffic for your Website.


If you use this seven tools properly, then it can help a lot for your website ranking and bring good traffic.



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