How to know your spam score and how to reduce this Score

Spam Score

Do you know your website spam score? How much it’s affected to your site ranking?  Yes, Spam score is most famous for ranking factor but we sometimes we ignore this factor. Because most of the newbie doesn’t know about spam score, today I will talk about spam score, how to see your website spam score, and how to remove it so quickly.

Mainly you can’t see this generally because google doesn’t show this result. But they count this result with there Ai technology. Mostly our outbound link is the main reason for this score. When we referred or linked by another website, those websites are carrying this spam score, and we also affected with this. Now you want to ask why the spam score is generated?  Irrelevant backlinking is the main reason for the spam score. If you get a link with the unrelated website or irrelevant article, then you got punished by Google.

How to see Spam score

Moz is an excellent tool to understand the spam score. When you add Moz bar in your Google Chrome then its relay easy to see this score.


You can also see the website PA and DA score in your website to use this google chrome Extraction.  The spam score is the most crucial factor for ranking so you should reduce this score as early as possible.

How to remove this spam score

When you know this score, go to moz website and analyzed which website carry this infection. Then make a list of those website and removed those link form googles search console. Because Google already absorbed this link with your website, so you have to remove it. When google confirmed you removed this link form your site, then google reduce your score, and your ranking factor should be changed.

How to remove link for google

It’s a common question how to remove link from google search console. It’s easy; first, you make a list for spams link. Then go here: and select your website click  Disavow button. And go to the next step and upload your txt file. If you don’t know how to make disavow file see here:

First Step: Two pages to disavow

Second Step: One domain to disavow

If you disavow one single link, then follow the First step if you want to remove hole URL then follow the second step. Must make a .txt file or Notepad file and save at txt format. Input all disavow link here with correct form.  If you feel any problem, then go here:

Don’t be panic if you disavow link not removed quickly because it’s a manual process by Google and its really time worthy. When you submit this disavow file then its Google responsibility to removed this link and improved your spam score.

TIPS: When you get a link or earn a link by another website, first check their spam score because of its effect on your website ranking. 

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