Are you a beginner in social media? Then this article for you. Today I am talking about how to get started with social media as a beginner. We have a great business but we don’t to how to grow or how to promote in Social media. Even we don’t know which social media platform is best for our business. It’s really important to know which platform is best for my business.
Because most of the social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram are oversaturated. We can’t grow our business as a beginner in social media like YouTube or Facebook.

So how to know which platform is best for a beginner?

LinkedIn and Twitter are good social media platform for a beginner those social media platforms are best for B2B. If your business match for B2C than you can go to different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. LinkedIn is growing and professional platform and you can really move to specific person reach through LinkedIn. It’s not good for all platform business but it good for new business. Instagram and Snap chat is also a growing social media platform in the modern era.

Some Tips for Grow in business in social media as a beginner:

Tips 1:
You don’t waste your money for an advertisement for the first time. First, you have to know which platform is best for you. People will not come to your page if it is not well organized and lack of proper information in your social media page.
You should add your profile as much possible logo and the cover photo is so professional or related to your business. The cover photo is most important for the Facebook page you should try cover photo show you total business. Include the name of your business, your contact address, your website URL, clear explanation of your business and add also some description about your business.

Tips 2:
First 3 month, you don’t want to promote your product. You spared your branding you share your business banner your activities, your client’s history, Your employ achievement etc. But don’t want to force people like your business or product. If you are authentic then people come to your page and convert to a client.

Tips 3:
Don’t beg the audience to like your page or follow your account and also don’t promote your product as an ordinary marketer. Example: Spouse your production toilet tissue and you know an ordinary people in massage. Hi, people are use tissue paper I can provide you the best tissue paper. Customer or this person say who are you what the hell is it. Who are you? Your impressions in going down. So first make your identity then audience convert your customer.

Tips 4:
Are you don’t have enough page like or follower? No problem if your page of the profile has just 300 or 500 people and the enraged your every post and share this post comment this post and also reacted for this post. It works best for your page or profile. But you have 50000 or 100000 users of liker but when you post they don’t like, share or comment your post. Then it’s not good for your social media. You should take care of your post and your audience. Which type of post they like most.
Every social media platform has their own algorithms and that’s why they know which post is crazy and viral in people. Social media show this type of post without any kind of promotional advertisement. They viral this type of post automatically reaches because this type of post can people engaging and is will viral remotely.

Extra Tips:
When you post your product photo or video in a post. If people are engaged in your business than they can comment on your product or video. Some comment people asking you about the product, some of them request you. Whatever every comment you should answer if you answer the question and like there comment. People are more engaged in your business and they confirmed you are the best service provider. So, one of the most important rules for social media is that always keep answering and appreciate customer comments.

Final word, Social media is changing their algorithms but something can’t change in social media. Its audience and your service, if you post good content in social media they served this content in their own importance. And also, when people comment in your post you should give an answer and reply to their comments. If you connect your audience properly you can survive in online platforms.

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