Email Marketing

In the digital marketplace, everybody wants to promote their websites, services or products to the real consumer. Email marketing refers to the process to reach any products or services to the interested people by Electronic mail. It is the part of digital marketing and helps to create a long time relationship with the customer. In details, you can reach your service to the door of buyers. Email marketing is a versatile, affordable and effective way for business promoting. Often sending email will be Spam. Email marketing has it some rules. A marketer is maintaining rules and their successes rate increases. This is an easier way than other internet marketing process. It is necessary for all kinds of online business worldwide. This campaign is more popular at present time. It is used for brand value creation, increasing sales, and retain the customer for the lifetime. In a words, this is an awesome direct marketing strategy.

Which email marketing service we provide:

We will provide your company with a full package of electronic mail marketing. Our services are including.

Mailing list collection: We needs a valid email list for running an email campaign. We will collect a targeted mail list which people are really interested to get your services. Because if your mail won’t sent to the perfect user, then this project may be lost totally. That’s why the real email list must need. We apply our tactics to find out your target mails according to the country or specific location. Our pricing will be more or less your location. But the collected list will ensure gaining you more traffic or customer.

Verify email address: Maybe you have a huge collection of mail from bulk email. But there are not all valid email, So you have to check it out before starting a marketing campaign. We will have verified your mailing list by our strategy. Our team is experienced for 2 years in this sectors. Email verification can make your work easier. If your needs you can contact us.

Solo add creation: After completing the above process we will start the promotion of your products by solo advertisement. It is the best way to proclaim. We send the list to the customer.

Why you choose us for email marketing?

We are experienced in this sector from the beginning of our digital marketing service. From our own experience, we can say it is so much effective for any kinds of online business. We have already completed this project for some clients. All of our clients are benefited they are interested to continue this service from us.

So are you deciding to start an email marketing campaign for your business? It is the right decision for you. Because most of the conscious businessman are already using this. If you don’t use this then you may loss huge traffic and sales. Forgetting the best service at affordable price let’s check our email marketing pricing package

Our service will be favorable for your requirements. You can easily surpass your competitors. Whenever you need to feel free to contact us.


Corporate Email Marketing Package (5 Lac+ Email) 3 Days 200$
Corporate + VIP Package(5.25 Lac+ Email) 4 Days 230$
Regular Email Marketing(10 Lac+ Email) 6 Days 270$
E-commerce Package (2.6 Lac+ email) 3 Days 150$
Garments/Buyer Package (20,000+ Email) 1 day 150$
(NB: This pricing estimates is only generic. It can be change with customer’s demand.)

Email marketing requirement:

  • Email body (Content may be picture or plain text or picture, text both or html formate).
  • Email subject (Not more than 80 characters).
  • Company name (Not more than 40 characters).
  • Email address.

What you will get in report?

Our email marketing software is web-based. We will provide you our software access from where you can easily check the LIVE report of email marketing that how much email is send.

Some important information:

  • You can ensure your email marketing from the LIVE report from our software or visiting our office or from the response.
  • We do not provide email database report
  • We do not sale email address. We only send the email by using our software and server.
  • We can operate the email marketing only from our office.